So, you’re into spirituality?

“To require spirituality”

The ego perceives that statement as an activity, so, to attain spirituality, you must; attend to many different points of view, follow countless rituals and practices, get used to a variety of energies and vibrations, and become conscious of various belief systems.

All of this involves being done before you even discover why you want to be spiritual.

Let’s first and foremost begin to be aware, as it’s all you need or rather all you possess.

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Are We Free?

The Space

Are we free? well we were given space to roam, explore, build and  create, but it must be clarified that we were given this space, which means that whoever has disposed of space must have an abundance of spare space to do their deeds, and thus they have control of our freedom.

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Heirloom Seeds: Preserving Our Past and Nourishing Our Future

Discovering the Roots of Heirloom Seeds

Traditional plant varieties that have been passed down through generations produce heirloom seeds, and our food system relies on seeds as the fundamental building blocks.

Preserving them is critical to safeguarding our food security as they represent a crucial element of our planet’s biodiversity.

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Why Strike Action?…

“Well, we have allowed ourselves to be a movement in time instead of the awareness of time itself, and we are not willing or capable of stopping this action because we have collectively agreed that human existence is so”.

Simply put, we are addicts to adding and repetition

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