Love and Relationships

I wanted to share what I’ve seen in the designated names of love and relationships and the identities associated with those names.

But it seems it has been misjudged as collectively what we all agree upon, meaning we all agree that a relationship is when two people love and are intimate with each other, but for every individual, love and relationship mean something entirely different.

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My identification with the name “Gold Digger”.

Understanding My Structure Before The Foundation

We all know what the hobby or profession of a gold digger is, right? But to make sense of ourselves, our surroundings, and the people we encounter, we sometimes use words that already have a meaning, but it is also useful to identify a particular person’s behavior with that name.

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Breaking the Boundaries: Challenging the Stereotype of Committed Relationships

Many of us immediately associate romance with committed partnerships when we think of those relationships. What if, though, we told you that commitment isn’t just for people who are in love? In reality, there are many different kinds of committed relationships in the world, and they are available in a variety of forms. We’re dismantling the limitations of what it means to be dedicated today.

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Unpacking the Fear: A Guide to Dealing With “I Don’t Want to Fall in Love”


You’ve just been ghosted. It’s one thing if the person you were seeing decides they’re not interested, but it’s an entirely different ballgame when they disappear without a trace. We’ve all been there. The thing is, though, that we can’t let our fear of being alone keep us from living our lives. So, what do you do when you don’t want to fall in love but you’re scared of being single forever? We’re here to help.

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