Why I Write

This is just a quick post to explain my writing, grammar or how I describe my seeing.

I am not a writer by profession or trying to engage with the masses on a conditioned way of thinking, understanding, agreed point of view or profit gaining, and I use this platform to present myself as myself.

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Why I Pursued And Ended My Involvement In Affiliate Marketing

Welcoming the idea

First of all, I just wanted to say that, given the state of the world right now and the events to come, I have nothing against online marketing or any other online money-making strategy.

But I’m here to explain why I found it annoying when I was continuously persuading someone to do, buy, or be something or someone they hadn’t asked for or wanted. As a result, I’d like to express my awareness of what I’m observing.

I had four children and was a single parent at the time; the youngest was 5 years old, and it was challenging for me to incorporate a 9-to-5 job into my hectic schedule.

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So I therefore felt the need to find a means to support myself while also being a busy, involved father—especially with a puppy.

As a result of my research, I decided to start an affiliate shopping website, which was an exciting idea about five years ago.

Like many of us, I also began teaching myself and learning a lot about the structure and function of the internet, which was very interesting because it allowed me to run a business without the need for physical locations or products.

All of this brought me a great deal of gratitude from my learning, because without this seeing, I would not be aware of myself and my repetitive human doing. I ask graciously, are you?

Looking At Myself Objectively

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There are two seeds that have been embedded in our cultivated mind at birth, and those are fear and separation.


As I stated earlier, “I therefore felt the need to find a means to support myself while also being a busy, involved father, especially with a puppy”.

That or any statement, whether said out loud or in your thoughts, activates energy related to that, and it is reasonable to say my account indicates “fear—fear of not being able to sustain my shelter, feed my family, pay bills, or even fear of having no time.”


The other statement was, “It allowed me to run a business without the need for physical locations or products.”

This indicates an energy of “division” and fear,” firstly, a division from everyone else, or a desire to be separated from another; and secondly, the fear that I have no time for others because I am afraid of losing time to live and enjoy life myself.

This division is interesting to see, as it seems life was gradually designed to be difficult to separate men from each other, so that living became greedy for oneself instead of taking time to care for each other.

We are aware of this because manufacturers package and design products that look authentic and are labeled as hand- or home-made.

The niche is the mind, and the mind is the potential customers, and the customers are individuals, each unaware that they are the same.

But thanks to me, the marketer, affiliate, or seller, I beat the drum along with my oppressors, leaders, or controllers, only to later complain about the noise.

Success stories, as well as services that will help my site and boost traffic, will pique my interest and convince me to support this venture with my money.

This will keep the idea of affiliate marketing alive, but to my seeing, this was preying on my already bombarded mind of desires as a result of the consumer advertising of goods, services, and lifestyles that is repetitively consuming us.

The Practice Of An Affiliate Marketer

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What bothered me was the strategy I would employ to drive traffic to my website by tricking potential clients into paying attention to it. I do realize that employing this practice is key, but the problem is the practice.

Let me explain: everything we do online has the goal of earning money. Even if I enjoy what I do, if the laws of life or the internet change, I would have to adapt with that (Money), not the foundations of myself.

So, in saying that, I live for money and would risk my life for it if need be, and by doing that, I do not know what I love or enjoy, or furthermore, WHO I AM, because I am structured and conditioned to that.

Continuing with this business concept, we advise or advertise to potential clients that our website, products, or services are superior to others.

To put it straight, I am not interested in what you need or want, but in how I can put an idea in your mind of what you want. In the same way, I do not know who I am or what I want until it is presented to me.

This influence of hopes, dreams, and desires is aroused by advertising.

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To be free from money you must first learn to be free from the desire of it.

From here, I have discovered that this venture is about getting what I want—your money—so I can consume and buy more things, but you, the client, are acting similar to myself.

As an effect, it has devolved into a collective manifestation of greed and a never-ending cycle of competition that invariably benefits me while causing suffering for someone else.

Just sit for a while with this thought.

It is interesting to see how banks, companies, corporations, and establishments that have drawn our attention to the outside of ourselves with products and services are merging to form one, or there’s presently one that owns the whole… Either way, “we”, the consumers, who are the driving force behind it all, are drawn further apart from ourselves and each other through war, corruption, competition, disagreements, etc., and all this through their union or oneness.

No matter how you perceive it, good or bad, it is still a togetherness that grows their strength and power.

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Therefore, as a result, I understood that what I was doing was aiding in the greed, suffering, and psychological indoctrination that are already present in our world today. And now I am a part of greed and suffering, constantly hankering after more.

A Selfish Gratitude

We pray and worship at our religion or faith to express our thanks and gratitude for our shelter, gas, electricity, food, and clothing, and it is more than enough, but we have become slaves to time as a result of our pursuit of things and experiences that we believe will make us happy rather than the pursuit of unconditional happiness within ourselves.

We will even profess to be pleased or glad of someone else’s accomplishments, possessions, or experiences when we will genuinely be doing so in order to actualize our own pursuits.

If you know the truth, you will recognize that our faith or religion will agree—with love—that we have sinned by seeking happiness outside of ourselves, and we wouldn’t disagree, as we are conscious that we have all sinned in one way or another.

These sins point to bad things we may have done or said to ourselves and others, but those are not sins but rather a nature brought about by the one and only sin, which is ignorance.

ignorance of the scriptures and teachings while adhering to human activity or doing.

We have become accustomed to the activity of asking for forgiveness, inciting prayer, or some other form of practice to wash away our sins.

This is contrary to our beliefs, but in order to completely interact with human existence, we—the mind—live by two principles: knowledge and comfort.

In relation to the article, we want to know how, why, and where I start affiliate marketing, as well as the financial, physical, and opportunistic comforts that come along with that.

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So even when I manage or unwittingly count myself as blessed in my life, it will never be enough because the root of advertising is where the drive for more plays out.

The Veil Of Advertising

We could counter that advertising connects individuals globally and fosters connections between people. However, it only widens our division because we are unconscious of our rivalry for possession, seeking attention in the form of likes, views, or subscriptions from others, but we give no attention to ourselves.

I did not wake up with an urge for a product, service, or item, but my attachment to my daily life and its problems has made me aware of a need to obtain that thing to make me happy.

I cannot cope with life, so therefore, I need something outside myself to make me whole or make my life much easier.

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We have identified advertising as communication, but communication means when one is in communion, union, or unison with another on the same thing, feeling, or happening, and as a result, thinking, words, or action are not needed because we are together as one.

This exploration into advertising seems contradictory because I am attempting to connect with you, not communicate, but so you can help me consume more.

Really, I am asking you, the customer, to perpetuate my greed and selfishness. I care not about you or your needs, but how I can develop a need within you that benefits me.

I exercise this effort by creating an interest in that need or niche to become just like yourself so that you can resonate with me and become the catch from my BAIT.

The majority of us will continue attempting to make money since it is the trying and doing that must stop in order for money to flow easily. We spend a lot of time looking for ways to make money online or just trying to make money in general, so the trying continues.

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Ilike to think of it as “we are the river flowing, and even if rocks, timber, or boulders obstruct us, we will eventually find our way through.” The implication in my seeing is that we are always experiencing every experience, imaginable and unimaginable, but our thoughts (the rocks, trees, soil, boulders, etc.) prevent our desires or truth from coming to fruition.

Occasionally, when you’re not conscious of it, your wishes or the truth manifest in the places where there is the least amount of opposition.

Just to be clear, the reason for not being aware is because there are times we just get tired of trying or doing anything to obtain or achieve some effect, and we continue our daily lives unaware that a wish has been made and it has to be fulfilled, like the flowing of the river.

Leaving all of that aside, as a result of advertising, I, the average guy, am just concerned with attempting to make money, and we are unaware that the physical and mental trying and doing causes suffering and misery across our globe, including within ourselves.

But we care not about where or how money comes to us, but when it comes.

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My Contribution To Suffering

We preach on pedestrian walks and malls, engaging the public with happy smiles and tactical sales pitches, using charities or organisations to address how we can alleviate and prevent world suffering and poverty, and we will be back 5, 10 20, or even 50 years in the future pleading for the same help or support… I ask, what has changed.

We know this fact because we witness it every day, and still, we say, “It is life”, and doing so lures us into acceptance and acquiescence of our ego unconsciously.

If only we used that same practice of acceptance in meditation, would we see our madness?

But it is too painful to see ourselves, so we will create the illusion that we are doing something meaningful about it.

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Playing a part or role in the creation of suffering seems to be my unconscious human conditioning or duty, which, surprisingly, many humans are aware of but prefer to embrace the role and are not bothered about the production or direction but demand their name or identity remain out of the credits or the script.

It’s quite beautiful and simple, like yin and yang. Here, both lack and abundance dance together, not resisting or preferring one to another but being one with all things. But I, the ego, am only attached to my visual and physical pursuits.

I look back at my endeavors, pursuits, desires, dreams, purchases, accidents, incidents, etc., and I find that for every experience I was highly concerned, stressed, excited, or consumed with failure or fear, and I thought it was the best or worst thing to ever happen to me.

I also found that I was so attached to these experiences that they seemed important at the time, but today, in this moment, they are not necessary or important at all.

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Now, of course, these experiences make us grow and learn (as we would not be together at this very moment sharing and reading this post if it weren’t for our experiences), but we are also here because we are looking and searching for answers, and that comes from fear—fear of not knowing.

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When we have children, we are extremely overprotective because the fear of those experiences is still present, as were our grandparents and ancestors before us. So it seems we are a product of society, produced to absorb fear and turn it into value for companies and establishments to profit from.

Now, if we have learned from our suffering and experiences, then aren’t we to do nothing?

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Meaning, throughout our life journey, we have covered great distances, all types of terrain, fought every war, and adapted to many types of weather (life), and now that we have ascended up the mountain, our light shines for all who are willing to see, including our offspring.

Therefore, nothing needs to be done since, if they so choose, our loved ones will follow our example; it will be their uniqueness that soars from the foundations we have built for them.

My look into parenting

Here’s what I think about parenting: If your soil has been well tended, your seeds have been planted, and you have given your seeds nutrients, sustenance, protection, and love, yet your seeds have not flourished as you had hoped, then know, that you have served your purpose.

You have done everything you can for your loved ones; you have guided them and provided them with what you were capable of, and if you feel you haven’t, then you have been given a gift.

Furthermore, if a farmer was attached to or dedicated to a specific season, seed, soil, or nutrient, there wouldn’t be enough food to feed themselves as well as others because their focus would be on fixing the problems with the previous crop, leaving the present season unattended and unlikely to bear fruit.

This focus would also be motivated by fear, and a parent shares the same responsibility for that experience.

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The End Of It All

We live in a constant state of fear—fear of making mistakes, fear of not being accepted by others, fear of criticism, and fear of losing what we cherish or are attached to.

So it is FEAR, that is the root of my need for money, and it is that very awareness that has set me free, or, I should say, I am aware that I am and have always been free.

And so, my search for more has ended, and the greed within me has dissipated, but I know I am not separate from either; I am just more aware, feeling, and attentive to all things and experiences.

I will no longer attend to the feeling of needing financial stability, and so it will be.

I send love, peace, and happiness to you and all your loved ones, and I have only faith that you will all find what you are looking for.