Why Strike Action?…

“Well, we have allowed ourselves to be a movement in time instead of the awareness of time itself, and we are not willing or capable of stopping this action because we have collectively agreed that human existence is so”.

Simply put, we are addicts to adding and repetition

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“Listen”…then you ask with a searching, “To what?” This is not a fault but a doing or an activity of the mind.

It also plays a part in our problems, whatever they may be.

This is because we; the “I,” the human nature, are a movement in time and we need to be going somewhere and for what purpose, just like to listen we need to know what and why.

So, if not listening is not my fault, and it also results in my problems, then how can I listen and be aware of myself as well as the source from which they stem?

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What Are You Looking At?

looking at me makes me uncomfortable because I cannot look at myself at that present moment, and when I do it leaves me wondering, what are/were you looking at?

This seems contradictory to both myself and the statement, because I looked at myself before leaving home, and there are many mirrored objects throughout my day that confirm the viewing and feelings I had of myself before I left home.

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Helpful Information About Stress and its Effect on the Immune System: Part 2

Introduction: The Relationship

Have you ever thought about how your mental health may be related to your susceptibility to illness? Additionally, did you realize that your anxiety impacts more than just your soul? Additionally, it has an impact on your nervous and immune systems. Worrying, being anxious, or being tense all have a significant impact on how well you feel.

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