So, you’re into spirituality?

“To require spirituality”

The ego perceives that statement as an activity, so, to attain spirituality, you must; attend to many different points of view, follow countless rituals and practices, get used to a variety of energies and vibrations, and become conscious of various belief systems.

All of this involves being done before you even discover why you want to be spiritual.

Let’s first and foremost begin to be aware, as it’s all you need or rather all you possess.

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Aware Of Ourselves

We are looking for something outside of ourselves, thinking that what interests us or what we would like to know more about is better or higher than our current situation.

Understand that your interest in spirituality comes from your disinterest in yourself and your environment, and it is whatever you agree or disagree with, that gives birth to your interest in spiritual growth or awareness.

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So I implore you to start from where you once came to realize your destination is where you have always been.

Aware Of A Journey

We can agree, to reach a destination, you must first determine your purpose or reason for visiting, then organize the necessary items for the journey, and finally plan your route.

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What is apparent, is that you have never physically experienced this journey before, yet you have experienced others’ stories and images who have reached the destination.

This is a feeling, not a tangible physical experience, and yet you taste and feel it like you have, hence the preparation for the holiday or journey.

You can also see this as a call from your angels, soul, spirits, etc., leading you to what is best for you, just like when we went on trips or vacations and met important people in our lives, like lovers, best friends, or people who helped shape our careers.

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Aware Of Awareness

Therefore, it is becoming evident that you do not require meditation resources, mantras, crystals, incense, or other spiritual modalities in order to know your truth.

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Just as we don’t need to touch the sun to know it is hot or see the air to know it is cold, the feeling is key to spirituality, and if you feel, then it is so, and then, you are LOVE

So become aware of your feelings, sensations, and inner messages, and it is from there that you will begin your spiritual growth.

Please, in no way am I putting down great thinkers, speakers of wisdom, or practices to still the mind; on the contrary, they have been very helpful in guiding my mind or laying the paths.

“Take a look at The Buddha’s Raft Parable” for a deeper understanding.

The journey begins in darkness and concludes in light.

But we must continue our journey alone in the darkness because seeking starts and finishes there.

“To be found, one must first be lost”


However, if you require guidance or confirmation that you are on the right track or taking the right action, you will forever question yourself or seek answers from others until you fail at any attempt in accepting or rejecting yourself.

So go out of yourself the same way you came into yourself (the ego); naked, empty, without content, and absorb all that is without judgement. 

Always sending love to you all on your journey.

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