Dreams Of Reality


In my dreams, whether they are filled with happiness, joy, panic or rage, I awaken accompanied by those very feelings, believing my dreams are a reality.

This, I find intriguing, because when I wake up my feelings of those experiences are the same as in this so-called reality I awake in.

As my mind balances my perceptions to affirm this illusion or reality as real, I temporarily connect to the people, sensations, and environment of my dreams.

Let us be aware, wether in sleep or waking life our mind’s movement creates our reality, truth, and beliefs.

So, Are My Dreams Real?

If not, why do my experiences in this realm we have collectively agreed is reality offer me identical sensations of feelings to those I experience in my dreams?

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And if my dreams are real, then doesn’t that give me the freedom I never thought possible?

What do I mean by freedom?

If my dreams are a reality, I can live them out by focusing on them, just as I engage with this article or this very moment.

And this moment persists because we ALL agree it is, making it seem more genuine than our dreams.

Reality is merely an illusion, although a very persistent one. 

Albert Einstein

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We must be persistent in our dreams to manisfest the same tangibility as our illusion.

The reader has already answered these questions from different angles.

To clarify, we are unaware that our first reaction to any question or encounter is answered by our feelings but the conditioning through upbringing or culture filtrates the answer as a result.

This means, the saying “Go with your heart or intuition” is critical to the engagement with human life, but we are cluttered with the contents or activity of those feelings.

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I will not delve into conditioning, even though it is relevant to this post, but seeing clearly that our feelings are the root toward making our decisions, also is.

An Uninformed Ever-Present Freedom 

The answers we seek don’t matter as long as it satisfies the individual asking the question.

This is also freedom—a freedom we are unconscious of—to decide on, believe, and perceive realising that our reality can be good or bad, incorrect or right, but neither do we relate to.

Thus, discovering this truth brings awareness of the ever-present feelings/sensations: of love, happiness, fear, etc, without our individual content.

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I Conclude

From dreams to reality, feelings are untouched and unchanging within our being, and as a result, reality and dreams coexist, and we can choose which to trust or commune with.

They say “Don’t let your dreams cloud your reality”, but it seems reality is clouding our dreams, desires, and true human potential.


Thank you for reading, now go, discover the truth with love.

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