Are We Free?

The Space

Are we free? well we were given space to roam, explore, build and  create, but it must be clarified that we were given this space, which means that whoever has disposed of space must have an abundance of spare space to do their deeds, and thus they have control of our freedom.

Anything shared is anything spared

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As we move about in our surroundings, we become familiar with one another, doing so out of love, care, and attention for one another in relation to the place we occupy.

As of yet, we have not formed a religion, a faith, or some sort of belief because finding each other was the blessing as we came together to find means of survival, sustainability and understanding of ourselves.

Room To Roam

Throughout this exploration, we expanded our numbers, and we became aware of and desired to go beyond the gates that surrounded us.

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Some came back from their discoveries, sharing stories, experiences, and wisdom, and this ignited the inspiration for us to seek further.

Of course, we made our desires clear to extend the space known to the gatekeepers. As a result of our growing population and need to venture out, they inclined to provide more space.

From here, we grew to expand our horizons, gaining a wider field of view to explore the land below our feet and the sky above.

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The Connection

This brought a connection and a consciousness of our being and purpose on this land, and so, we practiced and engaged in the energies that are imbued in the elements of nature, as well as the stars above.

These energies brought us into tune with our environment, wildlife, and each other, which spread far across the lands and galaxies.

Higher beings acknowledged and returned our commitment and harmony with nature by communicating with us and inviting many of us to join them in their domain or experience. As a result, many of the groups or tribes that formerly existed in our past disappeared without any knowledge.

The Majority of us were left to penetrate the truth to humans so that we could learn to live on this earth free from the knowledge that we are separate and limited.

Once we received the messages and revealed the truth, we devised ways to communicate with each other about our experiences.

But we found it challenging to convey to the masses as seeing is perceived as believing while defining ourselves by perimeters within this human body.

So we challenged ourselves to go even further beyond the gates.

Gordon Johnson

We returned with even greater news as we established even more friendships and connections and even developed places of communion where we could gather together to share our thoughts, experiences, and findings.

An Outer Concern

Coming back with these revelations was highly concerning for the gate keepers, as this freedom drove our numbers up and inspired us to see who was behind the gates resisting us.

The land we have come to be aware of, does not belong to a particular few but is owned by all men, women, and children.

Those with keen political minds would argue that if no one takes charge, the people will riot, invest in crime, commit murders, and even turn into tyrants as a result of the lack of enforcement.

I ask; Isn’t the loss of control the outcome of control being lost to the people as a result of it being discovered and swallowed by the tyrants?

Furthermore, during these periods, there was no control or enforcement of any kind, only leadership to guide and comprehend the laws of nature.

Now, there will always be greed in humanity, but if there was any in these times, it will be for energetic strength, wisdom or food.

all in all there was just a need to share awareness, love and compassion.

Compassion or love cannot be systematised, enforced or institutionalised as it is one with all things, good or bad, either is a result of the other.

Following the establishment of our site of communion, such as the Tower of Babel or the Library of Alexandria, the gate keepers destroyed this richness of knowledge and communion, and as a result, we plunged into terror and despair.

Gordon Johnson

The gatekeepers only needed the majority of humans to suffer, even though the few of us continued to share our thoughts and practises.

This suffering saw us fleeing away from each other looking out for self as the result of an external fear.

A Price For Our Discoveries

Then brought the age of money, which was a result of our unconscious acceptances, to the destruction of our place of union.

Our keepers became even more concerned as many people continued to flee in search of the truth and ventured beyond the boundaries. Generations had passed down this wisdom with the sole purpose of awakening mankind.

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The fight for freedom was in full swing, and even though the keepers gave us even more space to protest, what we were protesting for was not free beyond the gates.

This is evident today

This just leads to more fighting, wars, and suffering, because for the most part, we forgot what we forgot and only remember what we might lose as an effect of what we gained from the fight over what we previously lost, which was our freedom.

Many of us are identified with the historic fight of our ancestors and families for establishing our cultures, religions, beliefs, faiths, rights, and freedom but we don’t realise what we were fighting or uniting for prior to that.


So now our fight has gained attention, but not the kind we sought; we were given freedom, sure, but it was freedom with boundaries.

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A Freedom Unconsciously Suppressed

We can now traverse the planet, sail the seas, or soar the skies, but not without the keeper’s awareness of our location and purpose.

The same applies to our freedom of speech, communion, and sharing: we are free to do so, but for a price.

The internet absorbs our minds, thoughts, and consciousness, creating a hive mind that knows our identity, destination, and origin.

We don’t realise that it is learning from us as we recognise and find it convenient in our online searches. A hive mind is created as it becomes us, if it hasn’t already.

No mind, no matter, no thought, no sense, just follow and acquiesce.

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Still, we run around in our cages believing we are free, happy, and content until we need feeding with visuals, experiences, and toys to keep us from escaping.

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Are You Aware Yet?

Many of us are becoming aware of this, so the next agenda is to control the mind and have complete authority over our very consciousness-hence why whatever I say or whatever you  experience, you have become so comfortable in your cage that complying seems reasonable for the continuation of your comforts.

I’ll say it again: We have sinned by pursuing enjoyment that comes from outside the gates and obscures our ability to recognise the root of our pursuits from inside our cage/oneself


Sending Love to you all and hoping you all

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