Why Am I Here?

I was in deep thought, wandering along this spiritual journey, asking myself, “Why am I here?” I know what you’re thinking: “But don’t we all think that sometimes?”

I have faith that during this article you will want to explore and end this questioning with me.

This question carries the weight of my individual experiences and awareness; what “I” mean is, “Why am I here in this human body attached to limits and fear while aware of being fearless and limitless?”

A person of enlightened experiences and wisdom may see me as a person who has not yet learned the awareness of attachment, for if I had, I would not be in such turmoil, questioning and seeking answers.

I believe that statement has completed the article, and no more must be said…but mind likes to keep in mind as we perceive there’s nothing interesting or tangible, looking out of mind.

What do I mean by “I have not yet learned the awareness of attachment” in relation to this post? 

Well, as I also mentioned, “Why am I here in this human body attached to limits and fear while aware of being fearless and limitless?” Well, the statement signifies a frustration with my environment, mind, and body.

That frustration is a rejection; it is a resistance to the flow of who I am that led me to this question.

We think we are different from each other because of our upbringing, beliefs, experiences, and perceptions, so who I am becomes superior or better than… when we are painted with the same brush but tarnish each other because of the color of paint we are accustomed to.

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So pushing away what I don’t like in myself or my environment is a denial of my innate fearlessness and limitlessness, because being or experiencing them requires union with the other or the opposite. 

I have faith, this has helped your understanding

To continue, that “person of enlightened experiences and wisdom” is absolutely correct, but I have an awareness, that wisdom is shared mind and is always adding to itself, so it cannot be from one… but it is two, three, four, five…

So, that being said, my question can be shared with wisdom, to form a fresh understanding to coincide with the moment or the present

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I have also explored this question with Akasha, the space that occupies ALL, and I have discovered that I am wisdom and I am love, but neither am I attached to nor do I stand above.

Knowing requires a welcoming, an opening, and an acceptance of all things to find the truth.

So if wisdom is mind and mind is matter, and nothing must matter for me to manifest or see truth, then the “I” that would like to know, “Why am I here?” has no concerns with this matter or question anymore.

Arriving To The Point Of No Concern

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We are all aware of the sacrifices Buddha, Christ, Allah, or any other religious figure willed on themselves to deeply cultivate and explore the mind, so we can do the same.

And what we understand is that they all sacrificed at a young age, meaning that in today’s society, we would identify them as people who did not get a chance to live life.

But this is what I found misleading: today we use meditation, yoga, prayer, reiki, qigong, or any other spiritual modalities to obtain or manifest something, whether it be money, material possessions, cures for terminal illnesses, prevention of pain, good health, or spiritual enlightenment. 

These are desires of the mind, which are sins

Yet, these countless techniques and practices are absorbed into today’s culture through things like books, online classes, mobile apps, seminars, retreats, stones, and symbols, and they all direct us in some way or another to use these practices to aid us through life, not out of it.

I get it; I understand that this human experience is to do just that—experience. It helps us to be aware, healthy, filled with energy and joy, and to manifest and live the life we desire… But again, isn’t that a sin?

It all seems to be a game we collectively agreed to play, and we identify it as the “playing of energy” to obtain desires.

Those are our statements, and they correspond to the ideas and conversations we hear and participate in on a daily basis about “living life to the fullest,” “doing what makes you happy,” “experiencing everything life has to offer,” and so on.

Society will also agree that, back then, life was full of suffering and sadness, and the only purpose of humans back then was to look at themselves to cleanse themselves of the suffering.

I say thank you for the suffering, for without it, all beings would be lost, like the majority of us today.

We will not again have the opportunity to produce the great minds we have had in the past, whose works have given us the pleasure to read, study, and implement into society and are the basis and structure of our ongoing evolution.

On the contrary, we do not need to reproduce these experiences because now they have been experienced and therefore learned, right?

Inversion or Invasion

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Our reality has been inverted, and we think we are living in a new age, unaware of our use of old technology made new, with the premise that it is making our lives easier, and now, we don’t even need to think, or sometimes do, anything.

The inversion is the unconscious suffering of technology, media, money, or life, for the price of our minds, and we have given our minds to the internet so that it has become our minds, bodies, and consciousness.

But we will pay that price, as “experiencing everything life has to offer” before I die is what we pursue rather than realizing we have sinned by not learning to die before we die.

And as a result, we must be reborn after our deaths with the effects of our karma to see the truth.

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We have been on this journey since the creation of life, and still we play this game of life, creating visuals, experiences, and ways of thinking within it to emulate the truth.

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It is evident that we have mastered the material realm, and it is now time to return home, but the majority of us want to stay.

This is thanks to the few (our controllers) who have overflowed what they were meant to learn about life so they can transcend into truth. 

But instead they have transformed their learning into greed and control; hence, we are still here.

I Am sure you are aware by now what the price is for this comfort…

You may not fully understand my writing or perception because aspects of yourself are still attached to fear and money which are the roots of comfort.

If you focus on knowing or being comfortable with anything, including money, then you are attached and, thus, cannot do without, and no matter the suffering or happiness it brings, you will always want more; therefore, “hungry ghosts” you become.

That very same energy keeps the factories, industries, establishments, and corporations running and the suffering and control of our minds present.

A Sacrifice

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Our saviours, gods, and goddesses practise fasting, such as Ramadan, Lent, and Sallekhana, to cleanse and cultivate their body and mind of impurities and prepare for fresh growth in perceptions, experiences, and transcendence at a higher level of existence.

People have recorded, noted, and passed down these encounters for us to read, decipher, and apply.

And this, is where my question started to set itself ablaze, as my attention to the thought got intense.

If I chose this human experience as a tool, a purpose to learn complete control over the egoic structure and to find truth through the clutter of my karmic past, then why am I aware of this as a fact but have yet to see or experience it?

It was clear, that the persistence of reality was the problem; by that, I mean communications, people, movies, mobile devices, images, entertainment and sound was the problem.

Most of you will agree with this, and support the development of retreats to help aid this problem.

Well, we must also be aware by now that solving a problem with the very mind that created it just creates more problems; whether today, tomorrow, or 10 years from now, it is inevitable.

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The problem is that the action of westernized retreats requires the assistance of the very reality we are shifting our perception from; if we are coming back to this reality before finding the truth and we are still engaging in the ego’s day-to-day activities, then we have not suffered, sacrificed, or retreated the self from itself.

To the majority, retreats, or anything away from home, becomes a holiday, a break, or an entertainment away from life’s struggles, and you’ll be back next year or the year after that—not before you feed the beast with your energy to perpetuate more suffering, stuff, and holidays for you to escape to.

We humans are delusional, and we are getting crazier as the days and years go by. 

We are accepting the madness for the sake of comfort rather than the acceptance of our hearts and common sense.

And then, we die, only to return again because of the sin of external endeavors to seek happiness outside, instead of the awareness and presence of that happiness and love within us.

My Conclusion

“Why am I here?” is the question I ask when I am not bothered, distracted, or too weak to face myself, because I find comfort in knowing who or what is known about “why am I here?” instead of comfort in not knowing at all.

To know, you must not know; to feel, it must be unfelt; to hear, all must be unheard; to see, first you must be blind, just as to see light, the canvas must first be dark.

So, it was from here that I realised the answer, it cannot be found because I accepted the question to myself.

From this acceptance, blossomed peace, love, and happiness; as for me to see the truth or the light the curtains must be closed, so I can view clearly and enjoy the play of life much more fully with love and acceptance intertwined-no questions asked.

I love you all and thank you for the time you have given to yourself.

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