Why Strike Action?…

“Well, we have allowed ourselves to be a movement in time instead of the awareness of time itself, and we are not willing or capable of stopping this action because we have collectively agreed that human existence is so”.

Simply put, we are addicts to adding and repetition

As I see it, strike action seems to benefit, protect, and address the workers’ needs, environment, and requirements to continue their work or service.

It also seems to create a purpose for the few who organize and maintain those rights.

The changes in the economy are also monitored and overseen by the organisers/union to ensure that workers are being paid and supported correctly, so that they can live and be provided for by themselves and their loved ones while their job in an ever-changing economy is continued.

All this sounds and looks like the right thing to do. doesn’t it?

Well, that’s just the problem, I will explain under the subheading “Strike”

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We do not realize that we are first and foremost beings of light and energy, and we are wearing a space suit called the human body.

We use this suit to interface with form and matter (human existence) to generate touch and sight via our faculties, which also stimulate the brain and give it a life of its own, called the “mind.”

The Minds Involvement

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rest of its surroundings to discover a relationship with the flower.

For example, “The flower feels soft”, An automatic activity happens by stating that the flower feels soft; you need to have an experience of what soft is to give it that relationship.

Or you may reply that it smells sweet, fruity, musky, etc. Again, an experience of what these smells are is needed to establish a relationship.

It is only then that you can give the flower an identity or description.

This, in terms of meditation and the truth, is all that is needed, as looking, touching, or smelling the flower for what it is and not what the mind thinks is the way to freedom, peace, truth or fulfilment.

So we can be certain of this, seeing that everything we do, think, or say in our suits creates and establishes relationships to give it meaning or substance, adding more fuel to what the problem or the flower is.

On the contrary, everything, everywhere, is always in a constant relationship with one another, and there is no separation or division from any one thing or feeling.

I heard from somewhere that…

“The more difficult something is to understand the more we take for granted that we understand it”.

This is why you hear from many minds of wisdom that human existence is no different from spirituality, but we spend a lot of time and resources designing practices and techniques to understand, engage with, or search for what we already are.

The Absorbency Of The Mind

We are like sponges until we are dropped on spilt milk, ketchup, water, etc. We believe and identify with that.

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A sponge is much more spiritual and happy than we humans are; it knows nothing, adds nothing, nor does it judge, so it can be dirt, mud, grime, milk, ketchup, etc., or just a sponge, and without asking, it is cleaned to be used again.

The sponge is happy because it accepts what it is and has no worries, concerns, or problems to solve as a result of having no attachment to spilled milk, (content) for example.

We are capable of physically cleaning, but awareness and self-cleaning seem extremely difficult, and they result in the inner mess the sponge is capable of cleaning without doing anything.

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Origins Of Our Inner Mess

This is where it gets tricky. When you were a child, you saw, touched, and smelled for the first time, and you had no experience at all of anything, so your faculties were working at their fullest without thought

That being said, they had no other data-but the present-of sight, touch, or smell, so the experience of a flower, for example, was like the following terms we use: untouched land, virgin, unfiltered, fresh, organic, raw, untouched beauty, etc.

It’s like our mothers cooking; no matter if a chef can replicate your mother’s cooking down to preparation, action, and ingredients, your old factory brain always makes mom’s cooking taste new every time you taste it.

Photo by Cristina Anne Costello on UnsplashBut after being told what a flower is, the child no longer sees flowers; they are seen as what they were told or experienced, resulting in their thoughts, and what is perceived as their mind.
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Now, the untouched has been touched by family, friends, and society, and has been transformed into being processed—a process, a movement, a doing, an action, and not what it originally was or is.

The flower is now what everyone collectively identifies or believes it is, instead of what it can be.

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Just like you are not ugly, lazy, poor, fat, stupid, a failure, etc. You are all that you can, will, and want to be.

When there is no concept or content in whatever you do or think you achieve the result initially intended, “to strike”


After this exploration, I find that we have been made to put content and context into our seeing, activities, actions, and reactions.

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Hence, we strike or protest with conceptual thoughts, reasoning, beliefs, conditioning, and ideas, which stiffen the original intention and give it no room or energy to be a strike.

If you are going to strike, do exactly that: do not come into work; do not stand outside your place of work with banners asking drivers to honk their horns; do not design or wear colorful clothing to attract support; do not play music, blow whistles, or treat your fight as an event.

And do not, have the few in your field of work throughout different countries, states, cities, or towns not on strike.

The problem is clear if you are willing to dive without thought, but it can also be difficult to adopt into your existence.

If the suit is not in use we feel lost, sad, and confused with no meaning of who or what we are, this translates into boredom, depression, stress, anxiety, etc

We then ask for help or create establishments and professions that can help or aid our suffering.

Doing nothing makes us feel like we are “doing nothing,” going nowhere, or not progressing, but for how many lifetimes have we done anything and created real change?

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It is obvious we must STOP!

The bills should no longer be paid for, Netflix should no longer be watched, stuff should no longer be purchased, food should no longer be bought and should be grown by oneself, homes should be departed from, devices should be dropped, and living by the land and nature should be done and nurtured to our children; only then will our fight be heard.

A complete halt to their construction of our human operation of doing is what is needed.

It sounds like a lot, but it is true, and still, we will not sacrifice these things for change.

So we will continue playing on the same field as our controllers, as it seems logical, and they will welcome it because, like it or not, we are playing by their rules on their field, and you can’t make changes or new growth from unturned soil.

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We must walk away to find, in months or even years, that you, including the wealthy, were more significant than you thought.

Only then can we claim the field as ours to share and bear fruit once again.

When the wealthy are referred to, it is meant that those who have become lost in the material realm and are unaware that they are or were being controlled.

Even if they were aware, the human existence of stuff and wonderful experiences was just too tempting, hence a master of, but lost in, the material realm they become.

I conclude

If you want strike action, then so will it be.

Action is the process of doing, so your family, friends, and acquaintances will continue your fight in years to come, playing on the field owned by our leaders, until you remove the action, the doing, the thinking, and the adding, and just strike! full-stop.

With Love.

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