Dating and friendship request


It’s not easy to start talking to new people – even if we’re completely confident and easy-going. We may be afraid that the other party will get the wrong idea about us or think that we are harassing them. Here are some suggestions.

Here are some suggestions for talking to new people:

Smile: A smile is magical. As soon as you try to smile, my dear, you may feel better and give a better impression of yourself.


If you are relaxed, smiling and positive, my dear, it will certainly be easier to talk to you and those around you will feel more comfortable with you.


Think in a positive way. Keep positive thoughts in your mind while going to talk and get to know someone you like, such as: “I look amazing today” “I am a self-confident person” “I am very attractive and beautiful, and if he does not like it, it is a loss.”


Be / be yourself and love yourself as you are and get rid of negative thoughts, and at the same time it is necessary to be positive towards the other party and treat them with respect.


Finding common topics You will soon find that your self-confidence is fine, that you are confident in what you are doing and feel confident in the other party. Introduce yourself and try to find something that unites you, or a common topic.


You can start with a simple question like: “Is this your first time here?” “Are you from the groom’s or the bride’s side?” “This place is beautiful, isn’t it?” Perhaps you can find mutual friends, which can make it easier to get to know each other and start a conversation.


Conversation start

The conversation can start with simple and fun things like food, a place, a movie or a type of music that you like or love. When you see that the conversation has run its course, you can bring up other personal topics. For example, your hobbies, what you like and don’t like, topics that interest you.


Avoid talking only about yourself. Ask questions, keep the eyes looking, listen to them carefully, and let them feel that you mean what they say, for example: “A nice song, isn’t it like that?”. What kind of music do you like?” “My friends and I went to Café S. It was awesome. Do you like Italian food?”


Kind words are wonderful

Flirting and sweet words are a good entrance to the heart and mind of the other party, so it is better to choose words in a good way. You should mean what you say, and the other person should feel comfortable. At the same time, it is necessary that your words be sincere and from the heart.


If you resort to lying and flattery, you won’t achieve much in the long run, and your body language may show it. If you are in the acquaintance stage or do not know the feelings of the other party yet, it is necessary not to flatter, compliment or flirt related to the body or intimate affairs, and you should avoid looking at the body or breasts. This will make her feel uncomfortable and she may take an idle idea of you.


Focus your comment or flirt on the eyes, hair, clothes, or some character. For example: “Your blood is light, by the way.” “Your smile is beautiful, God willing.” “The color of your veil is beautiful.” You have good taste.” “I noticed that you write sweet things on Twitter. Your writing style is beautiful.” “By the way, the color of your eyes is distinctive.” “You are a very respectable and chivalrous young man.” “Your voice is comfortable and strong.”


be yourself

If you are pretending or pretending to be another person, or trying to dress up as another person who you think will appeal to the other person more, you will sooner or later discover that this is an illusion. If you want him or her to love you for who you are, honesty is essential. Of course, this does not mean that you go into the boring details of your life or tell them at length about your past love stories or your family problems from the beginning. Take your time to get to know them well first.


Share phone numbers

If the conversation goes well, and you feel connected, at ease, attracted, or mutual understanding, suggest exchanging Facebook names or mobile numbers. Then if you are going, for example, to a certain activity, they can be asked if they would like to join if their circumstances allow it. You can say how happy you are to meet or talk to them, and that you would be glad to get to know them more.



You are not afraid of rejection

There are those who hesitate to try dating or enter into any relationship for fear of rejection or negative reaction. Of course, if you don’t try, you may end up regretting not taking the initiative. If the person is not interested in talking to you, don’t take it personally. Maybe they’ve had a tough day, they’re going through circumstances you don’t know about, they feel ashamed, or there’s someone else in their life.


Keep your behavior good and kind and respect the feelings of the other party

If the conversation is neither friendly nor answered, and you are sure that the other party is not interested, be polite and say that you are happy to meet them. Wish them a nice day before joining your friends or leaving. Out of nowhere, you may run into them again and it is essential that they remember you as a kind and respectful person.

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