Truth Really Will Set Us Free

The Awareness

The truth lies in the now of life, and we are life’s germinating seed.

The capacity for awareness was built into us at birth, but it has withered under the weight of distraction, rule, and indoctrination.

But we stop our children from knowing the truth to protect them, but from what?

It seems from ourselves, and the very same life we are experiencing now.
This is due to our parents, peers, teachers, or society, telling us very little, because of the same practice of protection as well as control.
You can call it a forced way of being instead of just allowing them to be.
However, our parents were most involved in this upbringing or indoctrination.

The same is true for the majority of people who did not experience such engagement in their lives, but regardless of the experience, it was imposed upon us and left us identifying with it and harbouring prejudice toward the other.

How then can I get to or accept the conclusion that I am that issue, feeling, or experience if it was imposed upon me?

Well simply put, now that I am conscious of this and aware that I did not request it, I am free to ask for or look “AT” what I desire.

What I mean by this is, that I see my problems, and they are called “problems” because it is not what I want, and I only know it’s not what I want because there is an experience or feeling of the opposite.

Thus, I shall look at that…

Being Conscious

Being conscious of both experiences endows us with tremendous power, awareness, and unconditional love. It is comparable to learning, going through hardship, or building our muscles through exercise.

To be clear, suffering should not be inflicted upon or manufactured, but rather accepted.

I am aware that growing up, our families, the media, influential people, and incessant advertising taught us to seek out bigger and better things outside ourselves and to live off receiving acceptance or approval from others

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From this awareness of being ingrained in society and being a product of it, we want our children to be free from its influence, so we steer them in the direction of a future we have modified from experiences/the past.

But if we follow the example of our past lives, the future will never appear promising.

But as our children get older, they realize the reality, witness the falsehoods, the misery, and the corruption, and they either continue towards that path because that is the most secure human behaviour, or, they turn away from that incited rejection toward the other.

To you, to us, to them, the typical behaviour is safe and normal, but it poses a threat to the rest of the world and our biological evolutionary development. And the risk lies in failing to see how our desires, greed and preferences has affected our lives and the world around, while still maintaining an unconscious idea, myth, or delusion that we are altering or changing the world or ourselves.

To elaborate, most children imitate their parents’ behaviour if it stems from love and nurturing, but very few will be inspired to see and discover the opposite.

I feel that few, in my opinion, have a childhood marked by constant control and indoctrination, and their minds were not equipped to handle, be open or engage in anything else.

Therefore, whenever there was a chance to experience anything different from what they thought they knew, they seized it, whether it be through fleeing, being saved, or just maturing.

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The Infancy Of Conflict

All of this leads to conflict, wars, and the suffering we are all too aware of today as a result of conditioned preferences.

It seems vital, that we must be honest with our children about everything, even if it’s hard for them to understand. We need to find methods to explain because if we don’t, they’ll find out later and suffer, which starts an ongoing cycle of suffering and change that will never actually solve our problems; it just modifies how we view change.

We do not teach our children anything to do with real life, like deceit, greed, suffering and corruption, that governs our lives and are only made possible by our attachment to money, and we, the consumers, are the problem.

We would consider this upbringing to be a promising path towards a career, business, or well-paying position, and we would be happy that our children could succeed in it.

It is problematic to encourage our children to build their own bubbles since this leads to the development of more “I,” “MY,” and “ME’s,” which leads to more control, sorrow and division.

But when that bubble bursts (which it will), who has taught them how to recover, rebuild, or, if you prefer, blow another bubble?

You might agree, “If we had taught our kids about the suffering, control, falsehoods, and corruption, they wouldn’t be where they are now.”

I graciously ask, where are they today? Not your individual child, but the whole world…

The world will continue in the direction it is heading.

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A Belief In Freedom And Control Of Self

Yes, our lives, the lives of our families, and the lives of our loved ones may be fantastic, but they are only our individual lives, and when we become frail or wither away, our offspring will inherit a pattern of unintentional destruction brought on by our relentless striving, competing and self-centeredness.

On faraway stars and moons, entire human lifetimes pass by in a matter of minutes or hours, so why do we view our facet, truth, or life as the sum of all things, or as anything crucial?

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On the contrary, if the majority all think, act and live the same, then so will we be, becoming successful and wealthy, and as a result, there will be an ample amount of suffering, wars and corruption to cater to our desires, greed and needs.

Yet again, despite knowing all of this, we will continue to say “It is my life.”

To Much Noise Makes It Impossible To Hear

We have a problem, and it is us, but there are too many outside diversions and stimuli for us to examine before the senses, which is looking at ourselves.

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IT IS MADNESS within the madness that constructed us in this way. And when many are trying to awaken and address what is clearly in front of us, they are losing their voice, being ignored or viewed as depressing.

So In order to steer us away from the truth and back into the chaos, we, therefore search for or produce new distractions and stimuli.

We must “Learn To Die before We Die” to understand the ‘WHY’ of all our feelings and happenings, so we can see from where our madness stems, to then let go and be one with all that IS.

I love you all and send peace and happiness to you and your loved ones.

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