Welcome To Cleaning Self Of Self

Today, now, this moment is a call for us to STOP!, to stop any activity in the mind and body to open an awareness of ourselves without judgement for all that we are, do, and think.

This develops an attention of ourselves in each other, and separation from no other.

The Unchanged

The world is changing but we are not, you may argue this statement as we see a change in our everyday life, from science and technology to mind and body, and they all bring an abundance of new experiences and ways to live and be happy.

Whatever the changes, we will affirm to ourselves that we are changing or evolving the world for the better.

It must be understood that change is an organic process, and organic life does a great job of adapting to that change.

But when it is manufactured like it is today, why are we the organic beings changing along with that?

The answer is clear, we are becoming less organic and more robotic following commands and programs, instead of sense and feeling.

People become outraged when you keep it real because fake is becoming increasingly acceptable.

This leads us to remain unresponsive to anything outside the narrative or manufactured form, that to even hear, talk or experience it would be just that, an experience not the truth.

So it is conclusive to say, we haven’t changed at all.

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

This is because we are too busy pursuing, which contributes to the change beneficial for our leaders and perpetuates the suffering and sadness in our world.

Whether it be happiness, sadness, suffering, or conflict, our consumption is the result of that.

Websites like these have become entertainment or some sort of instrument for the mind, rather than a calling for change or a looking at ourselves. 

Our seeking for amusement derives from school, where we were programmed to become docile, sufficient, greedy, unsatisfied consumers, seeking more and exploring further.

This exploration moves us further away from that very being that seeks.


We have become addicted to experiences-and meditation becomes a problem because experiences are what we require, and if we expect an experience from meditation it will never arrive until we have found a departure from the continuous searching.

Image by Micha from Pixabay

We should all be aware of the movie “Matrix,” which documents the truth. “Neo” had a side hustle of offering experiences to clients, and It’s ironic that later he would receive a big needle in the back of his head to visit or experience any feeling he desired.

The writers/directors did not reveal this by coincidence; they presented it in a way for us to comprehend-as we use our outer faculties to experience and understand life.

This is non-conceptual to the mind, because the mind/our faculties are a movement, and to realise that would require a sacrifice, a suffering, a cleaning…

Cleaning Ourselves Of Ourselves

We will continue to cause wars, suffering, and sadness as we pursue our desires for experiences and material possessions.

Additionally, we will continue to think that everything is ”good” while also brainwashing and fooling both ourselves and our children so that the misery continues owing to the onslaught of advertising that encourages us to consume even more.

I am grateful for my upbringing of comfort, joy and love and I don’t dislike my parents and loved ones at all for not making me aware or the truth.

All learning and knowing involves experiences and suffering along the way, and the process of change into a person gave me the will to begin my journey to the self.

We are departing even further away from our human nature, our being, our way of thinking, and we are becoming less integral as technology and medicine evolve.

This evolution/change is aimed at making the human mind without free will, but, to be willed upon…

This dilution is a mixture of human and machine /‘‘AI’’ and it has been glorified and embedded into our minds so we grasp for a better experience, enhanced brain, physicality than we presently possess.

Image by Michael Henkel from Pixabay

At What Cost?

There is a price, and it is for the SELF, just like God, The Buddha, ALLAH, or any of our saviours did, but we are not willing to sacrifice ourselves for freedom, are we?

That said, we will continue to wear them on our bodies and display their suffering in our homes.

The debt to enlightenment is too great that we have bestowed upon us, so the god of materialism seems easier to engage with.

Image by Monoar Rahman Rony from Pixabay

So we will continue to play, create, and witness our dreams, truth, and reality through movies, teachings, studies, documentaries, games, and to make it more tangible—VR Headsets.

Because you are still here and have always been a part of everything, I ask you to begin your journey from where you are right now.

When you complete your investigation or reveal the truth, you will know that you have always been present and a part of all that is occurring, feeling, and seeing.

It is here that actual progress and peace for all will begin, and until then, the world’s suffering, madness and delusions will continue regardless of what we do, say, or employ to create the illusion that change is taking place.

Please accept my heartfelt appreciation and love for reading.

Your brother, friend, and companion of compassion,